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Is Link Jacker Good Enough For Twitter And CPA Marketers?

I have just told you last time that it was indeed very good for me to know that y0u may have learned something new in terms of marketing your own campaigns on Twitter. If you are indeed going to be very serious about this one, you may really notice that you need to do something more than what you have ever done before. Ok then, I know that this is going to be a one hell of a ride baby! Can you feel the real heat right now? Are you still with me when it comes to Link Jacker? Absolutely yes, and I really am serious for now.

Speaking of Link Jacker, I may going to ask you a very simple question which might easily blow your own mind for good. What makes you really think that Link Jacker was indeed very good enough for various Twitter marketers like you anyway? It is simply because for just a cheap subscription of under $10 a month, you can already monetize your affiliate and CPA (cost per action) campaigns in an easy way for good. Not only that, you can also use this one to build your own list in a specific niche. Isn’t that sound great to you now?

I would really hope so! It will “jack” any website that was given high authority and attach it with some iFrame pop-up that contains your own affiliate, CPA or email autoresponder web form. It can be a regular iFrame, a navigation bar and a peel away ad.


Twitter Marketing: Link Jacker Versus Trust Jacker

If you are indeed very interested about Link Jacker while you are able to buy Twitter followers, there are no such doubts that you might be able to get thrilled with this one. I think it is about time that you may know about it’s other competitor. Do you know who is the ultimate competitor of Link Jacker? That’s right everybody, I am indeed going to talk about the one and only Trust Jacker. Do you think it really makes sense for us as Twitter marketers around the corner? Or this is just a complete waste of time for all of us who are desperate to know more about it?

Let us start first with Trust Jacker. With Trust Jacker for Twitter marketers, this is a WordPress plugin. You need to have a domain and web hosting in order to install a WordPress blog. The functions of this plugin are almost the same thing as Link Jacker, but it is going to be very simple. Once it was installed, you can do unlimited campaigns attaching your own pop-up advertisement for each of your targeted high authority pages. But what about Link Jacker anyway?

To tell you the real truth about Link Jacker, this is a monthly subscription with a low price of $9.99 per month. There is no WordPress involved, it is a web based member interface that you can actually create unlimited campaigns with advanced ways of monetizing it. It would be either regular pop-up ads, navigator ads, or peel away ads once and for all!


How Link Jacker Changes The Game For Twitter Marketers?

As what I have told you earlier in the previous blog post, I did talk about a revolutionary product for the ones you did buy Twitter followers! I am going to call this as Link Jacker! Some of you may have been very familiar about this one, but others don’t. To tell you the truth, the Link Jacker product was just being introduced in the Warrior Forum last year. If you are having some plans to buy Twitter followers like no other, I think this product was going to be perfect for all of the Twitter and internet marketers worldwide!

Right now, I am going to explain how Link Jacker will change the entire game for Twitter marketers around the world. What makes you really think that this one can change the whole output of our own Twitter marketing strategies? It is because Link Jacker talks about authority, and we are going to put some pop-ups on the sites that are having high authority for good. For example, if your customers are interested to know more about weight loss, you will share them a Wikipedia link which was “Link Jacked” with your own pop-up ad, and you will make money with it.

There are no doubts that you might not get disappointed with Link Jacker’s unique features. In the next set of blog posts, I will just have to talk more about Link Jacker, and may help you out to get things started in creating campaigns with them. Are you now interested?


The Link Jacker For Twitter Marketers

Hello everyone! Are you now excited that I am finally getting back in the game? Well, well, well, I think it looks like that somebody like you are getting interested to buy Twitter followers for your own campaigns. If you are indeed having some interests right here in this blog of mine, I would really suggest that you should be able to continue to keep learning all of the stuff that I have introduced in this very good blog. But the question was if you are indeed ready for the topic that I am about to share for today?

If you are indeed God damn ready, let’s get it on!

For today’s topic, I will be sharing to you a unique product that will let your mind be blown away! This is a product that was never been introduced before in years! In other words, this is something that was very extraordinary and special for all of the Twitter marketers, and all of the internet and affiliate marketers around the world. This may also apply to all CPA (cost per action) and niche marketers around the corner.

That’s right folks! I will now be talking about a unique product called Link Jacker for Twitter marketers. What the heck? Are you really serious that this is something relevant to all of us as Twitter marketers? For me, I think it is indeed better for you to find out what is this all about in my upcoming blog posts like no other!



Reveal The SEO Alternative For Twitter Marketers

In this blog post of mine for today, I would like to reveal the best SEO alternatives for Twitter marketers. I am glad to say that one of the best alternatives for us is to buy Twitter followers. But what makes you really think that this is going to be one of the best anyways? It is simply because as certified Twitter and affiliate marketers, we might be able to get targeted traffic as we know it. Instead of relying on search engine traffic for good, you would try out generating more people coming into your own website or blog by using Twitter or any other social media site for good.

Another simple and free way for you to consider a SEO alternative, is what we call video marketing. If you are already familiar about video sharing sites like Youtube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Metacafe and a lot more, this was already considered as perfect alternatives for SEO (search engine optimization). Indeed, there are so many people right now, who are looking to watch more videos before reading the whole content. In other words, videos are indeed very attractive into the eyes of your readers, followers and any other visitor outside of Twitter like no other.

Lastly, I would like to consider a new term called PTO, or what we simply call as People Traffic Optimization. This brand new technique simply focuses on a lot of targeted people who can be your own possible leads for good. Now I have revealed all of them, so take action!


Twitter Marketing: What To Do If SEO Was Gone?

If the rumors are indeed true to us who buy Twitter followers, you may really think that it is like the theoretical “Nostradamus” thingy. In other words, the term that I have shared to all of you, is all about the “End of The World”. But thank God, we are still alive right now! December 21, 2012 is not the end of the world as we know it, but it is only the end of the Mayan Calendar. I have watched the 2012 movie for real, and the main protagonist there is no other than John Cusack. I would really thought that this is real, but it is not.

Anyway, let us go back to the discussion that I have in store to all of my readers in this blog. Right now, I am just going to ask you a simple question. Just like the “Nostradamus” fake prophecy, what will you do if SEO (search engine optimization) was already gone? For me, I think it is quite simple to answer it like no other. If SEO was indeed gone (and rumors are good to be true, just like I have mentioned in the previous blog post), there are certain methods that we can use as alternatives.

There are so many methods that we may consider as alternatives for Twitter marketers, just in case that Google has some plans to destroy SEO once and for all, and it can be anytime! I will be revealing to you one of the best alternatives for you to gain traffic, only if SEO was indeed gone.

Twitter Marketing: Google Plans To Eliminate SEO?

In the previous blog post that I have shared to all of you who buy Twitter followers, I think I have asked you a simple question. To tell you the whole truth about it, I think SEO (search engine optimization) is not dead at all. You know why? It is simply because there are still many things that you should be digging, in order to conquer your own competitors again. I really know that once you are able to dominate your own competitors (based on how you optimize all of the content in your own website and blogs), Google may indeed change a lot of things.

I also know that Google is a business, just like any other traditional business on the planet. As a matter of fact, there are certain things that you should consider that Google may have the right to eliminate SEO, once and for all. Are you kidding me about this thing? Or am I really serious about this thing? Well for me who is also a Twitter marketer, I think I am not joking around here. I think there are certain rumors that Google may indeed eliminate the world of search engine optimization for good.

If you really think that this might be the end, I really do not think so! You wanted to know why? It is simply because on the next blog post that I have in store for you, it will be all about the backup sources that you can use (just in case the rumor was indeed for real).


Is SEO Really Dead For Twitter Marketers?

For those of you who are serious enough to buy Twitter followers, this is going to be a question that you might be shocked for yourself. Or maybe not, if I really do not mind at all. Anyways, let us try to focus now on the main discussion. But what would be the main discussion that I am trying to talk about for now? Was it going to be very interesting this time around for us as Twitter marketers? Or shall we consider this as a complete waste of time like no other? I really do not think that this is going to be another waste of time for us.

Oh really? How come?

It is because this is something that can help us boost our own niche campaigns for good. But I have to ask you a question once again. Do you think it will be just fine for you to answer the question that I have to ask once and for all? Without further ado, here is the real question that I am looking forward to answer.

Do you really think SEO is dead to all Twitter marketers worldwide?

If you are the one who can answer this one, go ahead! But if not, let me answer this to you, once and for all! If you think that SEO is dead, I think you may have not learned enough yet about the brand new algorithm of Google like no other. But if you refuse to think that it is dead, I know that you already learned a lot about it.