Twitter Marketing: Google Plans To Eliminate SEO?

In the previous blog post that I have shared to all of you who buy Twitter followers, I think I have asked you a simple question. To tell you the whole truth about it, I think SEO (search engine optimization) is not dead at all. You know why? It is simply because there are still many things that you should be digging, in order to conquer your own competitors again. I really know that once you are able to dominate your own competitors (based on how you optimize all of the content in your own website and blogs), Google may indeed change a lot of things.

I also know that Google is a business, just like any other traditional business on the planet. As a matter of fact, there are certain things that you should consider that Google may have the right to eliminate SEO, once and for all. Are you kidding me about this thing? Or am I really serious about this thing? Well for me who is also a Twitter marketer, I think I am not joking around here. I think there are certain rumors that Google may indeed eliminate the world of search engine optimization for good.

If you really think that this might be the end, I really do not think so! You wanted to know why? It is simply because on the next blog post that I have in store for you, it will be all about the backup sources that you can use (just in case the rumor was indeed for real).