Is SEO Really Dead For Twitter Marketers?

For those of you who are serious enough to buy Twitter followers, this is going to be a question that you might be shocked for yourself. Or maybe not, if I really do not mind at all. Anyways, let us try to focus now on the main discussion. But what would be the main discussion that I am trying to talk about for now? Was it going to be very interesting this time around for us as Twitter marketers? Or shall we consider this as a complete waste of time like no other? I really do not think that this is going to be another waste of time for us.

Oh really? How come?

It is because this is something that can help us boost our own niche campaigns for good. But I have to ask you a question once again. Do you think it will be just fine for you to answer the question that I have to ask once and for all? Without further ado, here is the real question that I am looking forward to answer.

Do you really think SEO is dead to all Twitter marketers worldwide?

If you are the one who can answer this one, go ahead! But if not, let me answer this to you, once and for all! If you think that SEO is dead, I think you may have not learned enough yet about the brand new algorithm of Google like no other. But if you refuse to think that it is dead, I know that you already learned a lot about it.