Twitter Marketing: Link Jacker Versus Trust Jacker

If you are indeed very interested about Link Jacker while you are able to buy Twitter followers, there are no such doubts that you might be able to get thrilled with this one. I think it is about time that you may know about it’s other competitor. Do you know who is the ultimate competitor of Link Jacker? That’s right everybody, I am indeed going to talk about the one and only Trust Jacker. Do you think it really makes sense for us as Twitter marketers around the corner? Or this is just a complete waste of time for all of us who are desperate to know more about it?

Let us start first with Trust Jacker. With Trust Jacker for Twitter marketers, this is a WordPress plugin. You need to have a domain and web hosting in order to install a WordPress blog. The functions of this plugin are almost the same thing as Link Jacker, but it is going to be very simple. Once it was installed, you can do unlimited campaigns attaching your own pop-up advertisement for each of your targeted high authority pages. But what about Link Jacker anyway?

To tell you the real truth about Link Jacker, this is a monthly subscription with a low price of $9.99 per month. There is no WordPress involved, it is a web based member interface that you can actually create unlimited campaigns with advanced ways of monetizing it. It would be either regular pop-up ads, navigator ads, or peel away ads once and for all!