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Make Your Twitter Marketing Efficient

Twitter marketing is a unique way to attract more audience to your content, but you must know how to create tweets that can improve your feed. There are a number of ways to make your tweets look attractive and some of the best options are as follows.

1. Curate moments- Twitter moments are used to curate the important part of the event, trending news or hashtags. The moments can be embedded for using it in your posts and make it easily reachable for the audience. Use the Twitter moment with the tweet using a link and make your post attractive with visual contents.

2. Twitter polls- Star your own Twitter poll using your account and you will be able to see results in real-time. Try to use the poll questions to attract the audience and create an engagement along with the fans or followers. To start your Twitter poll, compose a tweet and select the icon Add Poll. Enter the question and include the suggested answers. Once you have published the poll, try to attach it with your tweet which will give more visibility to your Twitter profile. Also promote the Twitter poll in various social media platforms and also retweet it related to your brand.

3. Choose a content- If you are using links in your tweets it can provide most useful web traffic and make it visible for the audience. While sharing the link of your website in Twitter, try to use title, description and image in your feed. You can also include a link in between your content as it gives more chances to be retweeted.

4. Share it on Periscope- Periscope is one of the best options to share live events. The brands who are hosting the event can live-stream it through Periscope and even embed it in the website. Use the event hashtag to promote your event at least 2-3 weeks earlier. Most of the brands fail to promote their event in advance on Twitter which leads to less publicity. But you can start your even promotion with the hashtag weeks before to make it easily traceable by the social media audience.

5. Use the trend- This is the best option to keep your audience attracted. Instead of creating your own story to keep the audience engaged, you can select the current trends on Twitter and start your content based on this. To do this in the right way, first you must monitor the trends on Twitter.

6. Tagging the influencers- This is one of the best ways to increase your reach on Twitter with retweets. Once you have created a content and tagged it with the influencers and then the influencers will retweet the same content. You can also use videos to attract the audience on Twitter and even promote your new product through videos. Twitter also lets you to share live events via videos and you can keep your audience engaged by posting regular videos.