Best Plug-ins For WordPress And Social Media

The WordPress plug-in are very important to make sure that your content looks good for the readers on the social media platform. You can get best connections through social share by optimizing some of the important factors of your post. Once you have decided to create content for your audience, it is important to attract the audience towards it from all sources to get more engagement. There are a number of WordPress plug-in available for the social media users, but you must know the best one suitable for your process.

1. Twitter Cards- If a viewer shares your content through the website in Twitter, the users will come back to the content again and gets the username included as a publisher. Twitter cards are the best choice to get rich elements and Twitter handles. Twitter recommends some of the important plug-in that can be used in your WordPress to make your content look better on the social media network. Jetpack is one of the plug-in that is very much popular among the WordPress users. It is available as free on the blogging platform along with a number of features. JM Twitter cards is a very normal plug-in that can be used to handle Twitter card achievements. Once you have selected the best plug-in for your WordPress, try to validate the content with the help of Twitter Card Validator. To use this login into the Twitter account, select the option Validate & Apply tab which will help to test link from the website. There will be tags check out along with a button that can be used for request approval in Twitter for using the Twitter cards. You will get the website approved, then your tweets from the website will get good media summaries in Twitter.

2. Customize your content- Once you have decided to use one of the plug-in, try to customize the content that will be used on the post. Select the best title for your post and meta description that must be unique. This is the best option even if you don’t use Twitter cards which will be useful making your post look good on the social media network.

3. Social sharing options- Social sharing is one of the best methods to help the audience to share contents, so you can use the social sharing buttons available on all the social media channels. Try to include the social sharing buttons in the WordPress template manually by using the code provided by the social media channel.

4. Assess the content that gets shared- By doing this you will get an idea about using the same type of content on your next post. To do this you can use Social Metrics Pro WordPress plug-in which will be available on the WordPress dashboard. You can assess the shares on various social media networks with this WordPress plug-in and there are also other options available in this plug-in that can be helpful for the WordPress users.