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Using Slack On Social Media Platform

Slack is the best option to streamline your communication on social media platform. There are many apps that can he be used to customize the slack, but here are few simple apps that is helpful for the social marketers with slack. To integrate Twitter with slack you must first access Team Settings to select Configure Integrations and choose Twitter in the list. Then select the option Add Twitter Integration and enter your Twitter username. Next select the display options to include the tweets in the slack. Then choose existing channel or even create your own channel and save settings for using it in the right way. The slack has seen a good response on the social media world within a short period and with the integration of apps with social media platform it is possible to get unique experience for everyone on this network.

1. Twitter feed- By including Twitter with slack it is possible to get all your updates from the Twitter feed in the slack channel such as direct messages, replies, retweets as well as mentions. People can monitor all of their outgoing tweets and the marketers will be able to use the Twitter integration like the Twitter dashboard.

2. Hootsuite- This tool has more integration like slack with the help of Hootsuite slack you can send social post within the Hootsuite dashboard to the slack channel. This app cannot be used to send contents from the dashboard to slack user directly, but with the slack channel try to collaborate it with your member to get proper response related to the social posts.

3. Nuzzel- This is a very special app that can be used to see shared content of people feeds. The content seen in this app will become personal and relevant to your topic. Think of it as a newspaper service that curates content based on your interests. It is possible to connect the Twitter accounts and the see the popular content on a particular timeline. Get the notifications related to popular posts related to your niche using the slack channel. If you planning to curate content for sharing it on the social media platform such as Twitter, Nuzzel can be the perfect choice.

4. RSS feeds- Every social marketer will follow blogs and influencers from various social media platforms to make the best out of it and if you try to subscribe to RSS feeds this will make it possible. The RSS feeds can updated your about the new content posted on the websites or blogs. Try to include RSS feeds along with slack to get the latest updates and after subscribing to RSS feed, the slack will update your feed before posting a new content on your Slack channel.

5. Urban dictionary- All the social marketers must have good understanding related to languages used online and by integrating urban dictionary along with the slack you can stay updated with all the latest modern words which are discovered regularly.