Ways To Maintain Your Social Media Customers

Maintaining your customer is an important part of every business and mainly if you are dealing with customers on the social media platforms. Social marketing is the most useful technique to make your customers relation healthy to get valuable service from them. Here are few tips to maintain your customer on the social media channel. Marketing is an effective way to promote your brand and this can give direct results if you are using the same method on the social media platform.

1. Approach customers personally- You must treat the customers individually and don’t keep them just as a social media follower. Try to reach your customers personally as it will help to know there interest and work accordingly. Have a complete knowledge related to your customers which will help you to appeal to the.

2. Access through social media- Most of the audience reaching your site will be anonymous. So you can link your website with your social media profile. You will be able to know how many people are visiting your webpage by doing this. You will be able to reach to your audience in a more personalized way. Try to follow up with your customers through various sources such as email, tweets and more.

3. Make yourself easily reachable- There are a large number of brands that are present on the social media platform. So it can be difficult to make yourself easily accessible to all the people on social media. The people active on social media have been increasing in recent years. Look for your relevant audience and the social media channel they are active regularly. You have to have active profile on all such social media networks. Then you can promote your profile on websites which can be helpful in reaching the customers easily. Also let your customers know how to reach you on the social media network. There are a number of tools that can be used to reach your customers in a more sufficient way.

4. Reaching to relevant customers- Interacting with your customers is important, so try to reach them with in place where they are more active. Some of the social media channels offer their own service to reach the customers such as Twitters Direct Messaging system that helps to send a welcome messages automatically. In the same way there are also other social media channels that offer similar type of service for the brands to interact with their customers.

5. Get your customers support- This steps is really useful in reaching to the audience whom you are not aware of through your customers help. You can use customer testimonials to share them on the social media to other customers. This has been really successful in attracting a number of additional shares. Always retweet to your customers whenever they share a post with you. In case you find any of your customers is not happy with your service try to reach them directly.

Make Your Twitter Marketing Efficient

Twitter marketing is a unique way to attract more audience to your content, but you must know how to create tweets that can improve your feed. There are a number of ways to make your tweets look attractive and some of the best options are as follows.

1. Curate moments- Twitter moments are used to curate the important part of the event, trending news or hashtags. The moments can be embedded for using it in your posts and make it easily reachable for the audience. Use the Twitter moment with the tweet using a link and make your post attractive with visual contents.

2. Twitter polls- Star your own Twitter poll using your account and you will be able to see results in real-time. Try to use the poll questions to attract the audience and create an engagement along with the fans or followers. To start your Twitter poll, compose a tweet and select the icon Add Poll. Enter the question and include the suggested answers. Once you have published the poll, try to attach it with your tweet which will give more visibility to your Twitter profile. Also promote the Twitter poll in various social media platforms and also retweet it related to your brand.

3. Choose a content- If you are using links in your tweets it can provide most useful web traffic and make it visible for the audience. While sharing the link of your website in Twitter, try to use title, description and image in your feed. You can also include a link in between your content as it gives more chances to be retweeted.

4. Share it on Periscope- Periscope is one of the best options to share live events. The brands who are hosting the event can live-stream it through Periscope and even embed it in the website. Use the event hashtag to promote your event at least 2-3 weeks earlier. Most of the brands fail to promote their event in advance on Twitter which leads to less publicity. But you can start your even promotion with the hashtag weeks before to make it easily traceable by the social media audience.

5. Use the trend- This is the best option to keep your audience attracted. Instead of creating your own story to keep the audience engaged, you can select the current trends on Twitter and start your content based on this. To do this in the right way, first you must monitor the trends on Twitter.

6. Tagging the influencers- This is one of the best ways to increase your reach on Twitter with retweets. Once you have created a content and tagged it with the influencers and then the influencers will retweet the same content. You can also use videos to attract the audience on Twitter and even promote your new product through videos. Twitter also lets you to share live events via videos and you can keep your audience engaged by posting regular videos.

Best Plug-ins For WordPress And Social Media

The WordPress plug-in are very important to make sure that your content looks good for the readers on the social media platform. You can get best connections through social share by optimizing some of the important factors of your post. Once you have decided to create content for your audience, it is important to attract the audience towards it from all sources to get more engagement. There are a number of WordPress plug-in available for the social media users, but you must know the best one suitable for your process.

1. Twitter Cards- If a viewer shares your content through the website in Twitter, the users will come back to the content again and gets the username included as a publisher. Twitter cards are the best choice to get rich elements and Twitter handles. Twitter recommends some of the important plug-in that can be used in your WordPress to make your content look better on the social media network. Jetpack is one of the plug-in that is very much popular among the WordPress users. It is available as free on the blogging platform along with a number of features. JM Twitter cards is a very normal plug-in that can be used to handle Twitter card achievements. Once you have selected the best plug-in for your WordPress, try to validate the content with the help of Twitter Card Validator. To use this login into the Twitter account, select the option Validate & Apply tab which will help to test link from the website. There will be tags check out along with a button that can be used for request approval in Twitter for using the Twitter cards. You will get the website approved, then your tweets from the website will get good media summaries in Twitter.

2. Customize your content- Once you have decided to use one of the plug-in, try to customize the content that will be used on the post. Select the best title for your post and meta description that must be unique. This is the best option even if you don’t use Twitter cards which will be useful making your post look good on the social media network.

3. Social sharing options- Social sharing is one of the best methods to help the audience to share contents, so you can use the social sharing buttons available on all the social media channels. Try to include the social sharing buttons in the WordPress template manually by using the code provided by the social media channel.

4. Assess the content that gets shared- By doing this you will get an idea about using the same type of content on your next post. To do this you can use Social Metrics Pro WordPress plug-in which will be available on the WordPress dashboard. You can assess the shares on various social media networks with this WordPress plug-in and there are also other options available in this plug-in that can be helpful for the WordPress users.

Tools To Delete Fake Twitter Followers

All the social media networks face a same kind of problem that is of fake accounts which is very common in Twitter. Most of the people will also have fake followers that can be really disturbing. There are various affects of having fake followers in Twitter which includes reduce engagement, limit your account stream, make it spam and even get your social media account deleted. So how to tackle the fake followers in your social media account, it is really simple you have to delete them. It is not easy to remove the fake followers one by one, so you can use tools available especially for this purpose. It is better to refer manually before deleting the followers in Twitter even after using one of these tools.

1. Fakefollowers- This is one of the tool that is available for free to remove the fake followers in Twitter. It will check at least 100 followers of your account randomly and the account that has not tweeted for past three months will be marked as inactive. To use this tool just enter Twitter handle and select the option click. Then you can see a complete analysis of the Twitter account followers. You will get a detailed report about the Twitter accounts that follow you back and it is easy to block them with a simple button. This tool is available for free and you can check at least ten times in a day.

2. TwitterAudit- This tool selects up to 5,000 followers in your Twitter account and you will see the score for each account of your followers along with the information about their tweets. To use this tool enter a name in search box before selecting the option audit. You will get a detailed report about your followers along with the audit score of real followers. It is available in two versions such as basic and pro. By using the basic version you can only see the scores of your followers. With the pro version you can block followers, re-audit the account and even hide the audit.

3. Fakers App- It is the best tool to select the fake Twitter accounts. You can use this tool to see the number of fake accounts that follow you in Twitter. You must authorize this tool to enter into the Twitter account and within few minutes you will get a complete report of the followers. It is possible to see the follower’s details after getting the report. This tool is available in three different versions such as free, basic and premium. With free account you will have unlimited checks related to Twitter handle and just 8 free searches. With basic account you will have unlimited searches along with advanced analytics that can be used to manually block all the fake accounts. It also allows you to track about 5 friends in Twitter. With premium account, it is possible to auto-block the entire fake accounts on Twitter and even track about 15 friends.

Tools To Create Social Marketing Videos

There are different ways to make social videos engaging for the business which will attract more users. You can use various tools to create the right kind of social media video related to your brand. But you must know the right tool to create social marketing videos and effectively use it to promote your business. You can use of the following tools for creating a video and sharing it on the social media like Twitter for marketing your business.

1. Adobe Spark- This is the most common tool to create the most elegant videos and it is also very easy to use. The tool is available as iOS app and browser cloud app. It is also possible to use it as one app and even set up as 3-in-1 tool. You can create a number of animated videos within minutes even if you don’t have any experience about designing a video. If you use it in the browser cloud the designing progress will be saved automatically and even synced easily. To create video using this tool, first you have to visit the website spark.adobe.com to sign using an Adobe login. Next choose the icon + to begin a project and select another big icon + to create new video project. There are special templates available in this tool that can be used in your video or even create your own template. There are various other options available in this tool such as adding image, call to action button, customize or share video and more.

2. Animoto- This is one of the unique tools that can be used to create high quality videos. The tool also has similar features like the Adobe Spark, but with additional options and it offers a number of customizations feature to create unique videos related to your brand. It gives you the option to select frames, styles and colors as per your choice. To create videos in this tool you have to login into the Animoto account which is available as trial for 30 days. You can see the create button after logging in to begin your new project. Now you can select the video type such as slideshow video and marketing video before selecting the best template for your video. You can also share a logo of your business in the video and even add caption to it. This tool also provides the option to include content in your video and changes its order depending upon your choice.

3. YouTube Director- This is considered to be the most innovative tool for creating business videos. It is mainly used to create videos related to the small business surrounding a small area. Anyone can use it for creating videos of their own for marketing process. Use this tool by logging into it and select the menu option to create a New Project. Just follow the process that is available in the menu and you can easily create an engaging video for your business.

Optimizing Social Media Scheduled Posts

It is very important to stay active on the social media platform if you own a business profile. This will help you in engaging with the followers in a most perfect way. There are ways to schedule your posts if you are not able to spend regular time on the social media platform. Twitter is one of the most important social platforms where businesses stay active to reach out to their followers. All the businesses share their content on weekdays and working days, but some of them must be posting even on a non-working days to get genuine likes. Even though you must stay active on the social media platform on daily basis to make most out of it, but there are possible ways to form a system where you can schedule your posts. Here are the tools that can help you to schedule the posts before taking a break from your social media activities.

1. Schedule with MavSocial- This is one of the tool that can be used to schedule your updates on most of the social media platforms. There is a feature called as Post Manager in this tool that helps to schedule the social updates. In case you want to share multiple updates on your social media network, then avoid this tool as it is best for 1-2 time update only. You can schedule upto 2-3 tweets using this tool and share only important updates during weekdays. This tool is available for free and you can schedule the contents on weekends as well as holidays.

2. Weekend posting with MavSocial- It is the most suitable tool for weekend posting in Twitter and to upload visual content using its Post Manager option. You can also use the Tweet Jukebox for posting your content automatically with the help of pre-built. DrumUp is another social media tool that can be used to update your accounts and it can also be accessed in your mobile. It is one of the best tools for using Twitter as it needs high level of timeliness. You can adjust the setting based on your keyword to filter the trends that are popular on the social media network.

3. Twitter analytics- This tool can be used to analyze the Twitter posting and get the results to when you can post the content. It is also good for getting insight about top-performing posting days. You can use this tool by simply logging into the Twitter analytics dashboard. It is possible to see the trends based on the date range you have selected in this tool. The top performing days of your content on the social media network is usually based on the time you are posting it, so try to assess it by using the Twitter analytics tool. This tool is available for free and you just need to register a free account in it. Then select a day to post your content to see the result and continue if it works well.

Using Slack On Social Media Platform

Slack is the best option to streamline your communication on social media platform. There are many apps that can he be used to customize the slack, but here are few simple apps that is helpful for the social marketers with slack. To integrate Twitter with slack you must first access Team Settings to select Configure Integrations and choose Twitter in the list. Then select the option Add Twitter Integration and enter your Twitter username. Next select the display options to include the tweets in the slack. Then choose existing channel or even create your own channel and save settings for using it in the right way. The slack has seen a good response on the social media world within a short period and with the integration of apps with social media platform it is possible to get unique experience for everyone on this network.

1. Twitter feed- By including Twitter with slack it is possible to get all your updates from the Twitter feed in the slack channel such as direct messages, replies, retweets as well as mentions. People can monitor all of their outgoing tweets and the marketers will be able to use the Twitter integration like the Twitter dashboard.

2. Hootsuite- This tool has more integration like slack with the help of Hootsuite slack you can send social post within the Hootsuite dashboard to the slack channel. This app cannot be used to send contents from the dashboard to slack user directly, but with the slack channel try to collaborate it with your member to get proper response related to the social posts.

3. Nuzzel- This is a very special app that can be used to see shared content of people feeds. The content seen in this app will become personal and relevant to your topic. Think of it as a newspaper service that curates content based on your interests. It is possible to connect the Twitter accounts and the see the popular content on a particular timeline. Get the notifications related to popular posts related to your niche using the slack channel. If you planning to curate content for sharing it on the social media platform such as Twitter, Nuzzel can be the perfect choice.

4. RSS feeds- Every social marketer will follow blogs and influencers from various social media platforms to make the best out of it and if you try to subscribe to RSS feeds this will make it possible. The RSS feeds can updated your about the new content posted on the websites or blogs. Try to include RSS feeds along with slack to get the latest updates and after subscribing to RSS feed, the slack will update your feed before posting a new content on your Slack channel.

5. Urban dictionary- All the social marketers must have good understanding related to languages used online and by integrating urban dictionary along with the slack you can stay updated with all the latest modern words which are discovered regularly.

Control Twitter Ads With Campaign Reports

Twitter ads can be the best source to promote any business, but it must be improved in order to make it work. But before improving your business, it is important to develop the Twitter Ads properly. To do this you can use the campaign reports in Twitter for the Ads to get developed. There are perfect tools to analyze your campaign analytics to make them use in the right way. There are also a complete range of ad products in the Twitter ad reporting platform with the help of reporting tools which can be set up very easily. Here is a way to improve the Twitter ads with the help of campaign reports.

1. Using main dashboard- The dashboard in the campaign report shows automatically after logging into advertising account. The dashboard features 3 different sections such as reports, audience segments and charts. The most important part in this dashboard is the chart section which works on three basis factors like main metrics, data breakdown and segments. Below the chart section you can see the report area that displays the elements relevant to the metric. Select metric name to see the report in detail. In the segments section you can see the data breakdown to each of the reports. Just go through Twitter Ads reporting platform which can help to see all the important insights to target the particular audience. Use all the details available in your report to control the campaign in a perfect way.

2. Generate reports- Now select your campaign to get it analyzed and you can see tabs with different figures including new segments at the left as well as detailed report below. Once you have received the report, try to click on the option summary to see the elements such as new tweet on the campaign. The money spent towards the ads and your campaign. You can also see clicked links and website card on the tweet.

3. Track your audience segments- In audience segments, you can select the suitable segment to see new report with sub-elements. This report features metrics that was seen in the previous step with data like the tweets used in your campaign. There are also platforms segment can see the entire report with device breakdown and operating system of the ads displayed. The locations segment will show the results related to geographic area.

In Twitter campaign reports, you can also see the interactive chart which is very important as it shows data related to metric as well as elements of the particular segment. Just select the reports option to see the information of a particular element. Next go to new tab or metric to select a particular row in your report underneath to see the new chart with all the changes. Interactive chart is one of the best options to get the complete analysis related to different metric combinations. You can also see sub-elements under the main segment elements that will be represented in blue color.

Steps To Make Your Tweets More Effective

Creating tweets that are more valuable and effective can leave a mark on anyone who reads it. It is not possible to create unique tweets that are effective by everyone. There are few things that must be considered while creating a tweet. Most of the following tips have been known to people, but they must be used in more effective way that can be done after going through these simple steps. Anyone can become an expert in creating unique tweets by knowing these simple things.

1. Short tweets- Most of the people like to read only shorter tweets and you can also get more engagement by keeping your message short. According to Twitter data, the tweets that are short usually generate more engagement when compared to the long ones. Whenever you are planning to tweet, try to keep it simple and short so the person who reads will be able to understand it easily.

2. Participate in discussion- Try to look for trending topics to participate into and make sure to provide only required information. Avoid entering into a conversation without any reason. It is possible to tie up with a brand by entering into a particular trending discussion.

3. Using hashtags- This is very important as hashtags must look completely unique in Twitter, so others can easily recognize your brand. There are special tools that are available to get suggestions related to hashtags. You can use the hasgtags that are related to your product keyword which can help in reaching the people easily.

4. Advice- It is important to give you advice in Twitter and make sure that is worth to other people. You can make the audience to act by giving them proper suggestions and advice related to a topic. In case you don’t have anything to say while ending the tweet, just type please retweet which can easily increase your retweets.

5. Improve your expression- Twitter has been used for various purposes and it is always important to sound like human in this social media platform. People in Twitter usually want to discuss with others in a more humanly manner, so you must always respond to them directly than using your brand name.

6. Use creativity- There are different options available for sending a tweet in Twitter. Make sure to use most of it with the help of emoji, live streams and more. You must use your creativity while composing a tweet to make it more interesting which can help others to get attracted to it. There are also features such as GIFs, polls, quote tweets, etc that can help while creating a tweet.

7. Listen carefully- Listening is very important in any social media platform and the same applies for Twitter also. You must first listen what to the conversation that is being done in Twitter before providing your suggestion to it. Once you are clear about the discussion, try to give your suggestion which can help in getting high response to your tweet.