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Ways To Select Username In Twitter


Twitter is seeing an increasing in its users day by day and it is not easy to find the perfect username while creating the account. It can be really annoying if your name has been already taken by other user. The same is possible while creating the twitter account in individual name or a business name. There are few things that can help you out in getting the right username in twitter.

1. Try to stay consistent- Try to select the username that is regularly used by your such as your domain name. Avoid using different usernames in the social media platform as it can confuse you. Try to maintain the same type of username on all the social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. People will try to find your profile using the same username in all the platform.

2. Try to be impressive- If you fail to select the individual name or a brand name in twitter try to use the name that is impressive or can be easily remembered by you. The name must be easily recognized by the audience and it can be related to the brand name a well.

3. Take quick decision- In case you are able to find the brand related name, try to take it immediately without having a second thought. You can also delete the name in the later stages if you have found a good username for your account.

4. Create a short username- Twitter usually allows up to 15 characters to select the username. This can be sufficient if you are creating an account for your brand, but it is important to keep it short. Use the right keywords to make the name unique. The keywords are the best way to show what your account is all about.

5. Using initial and location- Those who have a very short name can try to include their initial along with the username. If you are creating a business account, try to include the location where the business has been setup along with the username.

6. Using underscore- Most of the people avoid using the underscore while creating the username, but in worst cases this can be the best option for many. You can include your name with an underscore to get the username of your choice. The underscore can also use the entire 15 characters available for selecting the username in twitter.

The usernames used in the social media are considered to be the reflection of your business and it also helps to create an impression. In most cases, twitter account is normally considered by seeing their usernames and this is important if you are running a business. Use your name along with your brand name to create the account that can be easily remembered by you as well as other users in twitter. Try to use the above steps while creating the username in twitter without getting into trouble.