The Similarity of Twitter and Pinterest

Hello boys and girls! Are you now ready for another round of topics that I am going to discuss right now? Even for those marketers who buy Twitter followers? I would really think that it is time for us to be dedicated enough in using Twitter as our main traffic source. But what makes you think that we should be dedicated enough with Twitter? It is simply because not only Twitter can let us gain more traffic from the websites and blogs we have, it also give us more potential to make money through our own tweets. Are you feeling good about that?

Or are you feeling bad after all? Oh well, I think it is time for me to say that it is not going to be bad as a Twitter marketer. But for now, I will be talking about the similarity between Twitter and Pinterest. But first and foremost, what is Pinterest all about? This is a social media portal just like Twitter, which simply focuses on image marketing. In other words, you are going to pin those images into your own account, along with their separate categories as well. You may also know that most of the Pinterest users are women?

Oh yes, it’s damn true! But what about their similarity anyway? I think it would be really simple for us to identify. Both Twitter and Pinterest are free, and they are having a following feature. It means that if we can buy some followers on Twitter, we may also buy followers coming from Pinterest too.