How Twitter Is Different From Pinterest?

If we go back to the article that I have discussed recently, it was all about the similarity between Twitter and Pinterest. It also means that if both of them are similar, we do have an ability to buy Twitter followers and Pinterest followers at the same time. But for now, we are going to discuss about their differences this time. In other words, how Twitter was really different from Pinterest anyway? I am trying to make it short though, in order for you to understand everything that I have said in this blog post. Are you now ready to know their differences?

Let’s get started right away! The first difference between both of them, is no other than the term for posting or updating your status. If Twitter is all about tweets, then Pinterest is all about pins! Did you see one of their differences already? Now let us go to the second overall difference, shall we? The second difference is that if Twitter is all about writing texts and publish it to their own account, then Pinterest is all about pinning images, inserting some texts or links, and publish it to their own accounts too. Now you see?

Any other differences that we are going to expect between Twitter and Pinterest? Oh yes! There is what we call the user interface. This might be the biggest difference that you will ever see as an affiliate and internet marketer. Both of them are not actually the same, every social media must be different and with some little uniqueness.