Why Twitter Viral Marketing Gives Us Exposure?

twitter-bird-logo Viral marketing has the potential to create high levels of exposure very quickly to buy Twitter followers. The question is how much traffic can businesses really generate through viral marketing and what are some of the obstacles they have to worry about to keep their viral strategy alive? They are willing to acknowledge that if they can’t get the message to be accepted by their own followers on a social network, it won’t go viral. The problem is, many marketers forget that in order for viral marketing to work the message must be passed well beyond the original recipients.

They fail to consider what has to happen when the message is being sent to the next recipient. It is a common mistake to believe that if they pass a message along to enough people it will be passed on to the rest of the network or beyond as long as those recipients have a lot of friends of their own.

There is a major reason why this approach doesn’t always work as well as planned. The same people could be sending the message to each other over and over again. This becomes a problem when the originators of the message are in a group where everyone seems to know each other and doesn’t have anyone new to distribute the message to. Many people plan their viral marketing campaign thinking that if they have 50 followers who each have 50 followers of their own, they can easily receive an additional 2,000 receivers once and for all.