Using Advanced Twitter Search Parameters

The advanced search option available in Twitter is capable of increasing your search efforts on this platform as it can find to locate the content you want. Twitter has been adding new features from a long time, but most of them are not capable of using all these available features. In the same way this new feature is also been introduced by them making it available for all the Twitter users. Most of them will know how the basic search can be used in Twitter as they will find the search bar on top of their screen which can be used to find the tweet and its user. To find the new advanced search, go to the search bar on top and search a word that you are searching just like normal. Now you will see the results of your search, then select the tab ‘More Options’ on top to see a drop down menu that will features different tools.

By using these tools you will be able to make your search very narrow without getting unwanted mentions that is available in the network. Apart from hashtags, the users can also use exclusions that will narrow the search. You can also use these options to find out your competitors tweets and also their details of interactions in the past. There is another option called as location filter that can be used to search the tweets that have been sent from region related to your search. Twitter is always been improving its algorithms to make the searched content more relevant which can be seen in this new search option.

Both basic as well as advanced search options are beneficial to all its users, if you use some of the tools it can make your search more interesting. The additional tools can easily enhance the on-platform search options as many people tweet regularly in Twitter. It is not possible to find the exact tweet that you are planning to locate, so this new search option can make your work easy. Using your advanced qualifiers can be helpful in developing your own tracker and you can also save it to the TweetDeck. This can help in making your to get the perfect tweet mentions which can be respond much faster than other competitors.

The Twitter data is also considered to be very accurate in terms of its search, but you just need to know what type of search word must be used in the search box to get relevant results. Apart from the normal searches you can also track the mentions of URL and blog post which can be done by typing just the site name without using http://www. There are various options that are available in this advanced search which can be changed to get the actual tweets that you are looking for by setting the search parameters. The parameters can be edited manually for adding more qualifiers to make your search more refined.