Twitter Marketing: Why Mobile Traffic Is Better Than Traditional Traffic?

Hello guys and gals! In the previous blog post that I have in store for you, I think it was all about the list of top mobile traffic sources that we can experiment on. Would you like me to do a little recap on this one. The mobile traffic sources that I have shared to the ones we buy Twitter followers are no other than Leadbolt, TapIt and BuzzCity. But to tell you the truth, if you want to go for the cheapest mobile traffic in town, I would like to try out the BuzzCity mobile traffic advertising network. There are some CPA companies who are having tons of mobile traffic.

But we are not going to discuss some CPA company here. Instead, we are going to discuss on why mobile traffic can be a lot better than traditional traffic. Do you want to know the exact reason? It is because there are so many people right now who are using mobile phones every single day of their lives, no matter where they go. But I think this should only apply to those people who are having Android phones, or maybe those phones that can let you access in the internet for sure.

Since you are only using a computer or laptop if you have, but they got a disadvantage. You cannot bring them all the time, you know? With mobile phones, you can bring them with you, no matter where you are going, for communication, entertainment and internet purposes.