Control Twitter Ads With Campaign Reports

Twitter ads can be the best source to promote any business, but it must be improved in order to make it work. But before improving your business, it is important to develop the Twitter Ads properly. To do this you can use the campaign reports in Twitter for the Ads to get developed. There are perfect tools to analyze your campaign analytics to make them use in the right way. There are also a complete range of ad products in the Twitter ad reporting platform with the help of reporting tools which can be set up very easily. Here is a way to improve the Twitter ads with the help of campaign reports.

1. Using main dashboard- The dashboard in the campaign report shows automatically after logging into advertising account. The dashboard features 3 different sections such as reports, audience segments and charts. The most important part in this dashboard is the chart section which works on three basis factors like main metrics, data breakdown and segments. Below the chart section you can see the report area that displays the elements relevant to the metric. Select metric name to see the report in detail. In the segments section you can see the data breakdown to each of the reports. Just go through Twitter Ads reporting platform which can help to see all the important insights to target the particular audience. Use all the details available in your report to control the campaign in a perfect way.

2. Generate reports- Now select your campaign to get it analyzed and you can see tabs with different figures including new segments at the left as well as detailed report below. Once you have received the report, try to click on the option summary to see the elements such as new tweet on the campaign. The money spent towards the ads and your campaign. You can also see clicked links and website card on the tweet.

3. Track your audience segments- In audience segments, you can select the suitable segment to see new report with sub-elements. This report features metrics that was seen in the previous step with data like the tweets used in your campaign. There are also platforms segment can see the entire report with device breakdown and operating system of the ads displayed. The locations segment will show the results related to geographic area.

In Twitter campaign reports, you can also see the interactive chart which is very important as it shows data related to metric as well as elements of the particular segment. Just select the reports option to see the information of a particular element. Next go to new tab or metric to select a particular row in your report underneath to see the new chart with all the changes. Interactive chart is one of the best options to get the complete analysis related to different metric combinations. You can also see sub-elements under the main segment elements that will be represented in blue color.